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Forensic Analysis

iLAB Featured Dossiers.

ANCIR partners with investigative newsrooms to produce data-driven investigative reports using social network analysis, entity analysis and open source intelligence.

Human Trafficking Hotpot Mapping
target="_blank"Human Trafficking Hotpots

An investigation into alleged human trafficking hotspots mentioned across social media platforms.

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Uganda in Crisis
target="_blank"Uganda in Crisis

An investigation into misinformation and social media activity during Uganda's protests leading up to the elections.

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Kenya's Keyboard Warriors
target="_blank"Kenya's Keyboard Warriors

How opposing online groups coordinated to amplify political narratives against each other on social media.

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Building Investigative Technologies

Forensic Support

African investigative journalism assisted by ANCIR grants.

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Investigative Tools

Data, technology, financial and forensics investigation resources.

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iLab provides round-the-clock investigative support services.

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Committed to Better African Journalism.

African soldier carrying baby whilst being filmed

The African Network of Centres for Investigative Reporting builds technologies and expertise that enables media and civic watchdogs to generate information about illicit relationships and financial flows, and to make that information available to citizens in useful formats.

ANCIR focusses on using investigative entity analysis and open source intelligence to produce actionable data, and to combat disinformation and digital threats produced by predatory state agencies, malicious corporations, and organised crime.

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Transnational Investigations

Our Projects.

ANCIR partners with investigative newsrooms to produce transnational Pan-African data-driven journalism using entity analysis and open source intelligence

Panama Papers

Uncovering Politicians, Criminals and the Rogue industry that hides their cash.

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Uncovering misinformation with the continent's best muckraking newsrooms.

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Anti-poaching buffer zones might in reality be land-grabbing for the mega-rich.

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Counting the human cost of Australia's mining empire in Africa.

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Our Networks

Member Newsroom.

ANCIR is a network of Africa’s best muckraking newsrooms, collaborating on cross-border investigations and who pool their resources to build the technnologies and expertise necessary to beat organised crime and corruption.

iq4News - Nigeria The Cable - Nigeria Sahara Reporters - Nigeria The Nation - Nigeria Mwananchi - Tanzania The Guardian - Tanzania The Herald - Zimbabwe Newsday - Zimbabwe Mail & Guardian - South Africa The Star - Kenya News Agency of Nigeria - Nigeria Punch News - Nigeria Standard Media - Kenya The Daily Nation - Kenya Royal Media Services - Kenya Oxpeckers - South Africa


Affiliate Partners.

ANCIR is a member of the Global Investigative Journalism Network and has partnership agreements with regional counterparts in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America.

Global Investigative Journalism Network GIAT OCCRP ICIJ

Resource Partners.

ANCIR is a non profit organization. The following organizations and institutions partners have made our work possible:

DW Akademie Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Code for Africa OSIWA Facebook

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