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Investigative Work

iLAB reports.

ANCIR partners with investigative newsrooms to produce data-driven investigative reports using social network analysis, entity analysis and open source intelligence.

Online Political Trolls
target="_blank"Political trolls

Operation KOT: User network uses coordinated amplification of anti-Ruto hashtags on Twitter, in a likely attempt to spread disinformation. June 2020

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Covid-19 lockdown package scam
target="_blank"Covid-19 package scam

How users in African countries are scammed into sharing their banking information during the Covid-19 lockdown period. July 2020

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Ethiopia's hacktivism
target="_blank"Ethiopia's hacktivism

How the Ethiopian diaspora community spearheaded the Hashtag Activism after the assassination of Haacaaluu Hundessa. August 2020

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Inauthentic Facebook Job Ads
target="_blank"Inauthentic Job Ads

How inauthentic Facebook pages impersonating prominent companies lured Kenyan citizens with lucrative job opportunities.

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Free Internet Scam
target="_blank"Free Internet Scam

How purported access to data bundles is used as a monetisation scheme that relies on racking up fake ad clicks.

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The Anti-China Trolls
target="_blank"The Anti-China Trolls

How a cluster of accounts leveraged on past controversies to spread a narrative of unauthorised Chinese surveillance on Africa.

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Human Trafficking Hotpot Mapping
target="_blank"Human Trafficking Hotpots

An investigation into alleged human trafficking hotspots mentioned across social media platforms.

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The BBI report
target="_blank"The BBI report

How influential and prominent accounts amplified online conversations that were either supportive or critical of the BBI report.

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Uganda in Crisis
target="_blank"Uganda in Crisis

An investigation into misinformation and social media activity during Uganda's protests leading up to the elections.

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Kenya's Keyboard Warriors
target="_blank"Kenya's Keyboard Warriors

How opposing online groups coordinated to amplify political narratives against each other on social media.

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Disinfo in Cote d'Ivoire
target="_blank"Disinfo in Cote d'Ivoire

Trends and Recommendations

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The Blue Nile Conflict
target="_blank"Conflict at the source of the Blue Nile

How Ethiopian rivalling forces are hulling hostile sentiments online.

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Political hashtag trends
target="_blank"Political hashtag trends

An analysis of political hashtag trends between May and June 2021.

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Ethical hashtag trends
target="_blank"Ethical hashtag trends

An analysis of ethical hashtag trends between May and June 2021.

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Twitter propaganda machine
target="_blank"Twitter propaganda machine

How a network of paid agents uses online “astroturfing” campaigns to set political agendas.

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Polarising deleted tweets from previously identified Twitter trolls that continued to participate in political campaigns in Kenya.

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#RacistEU hashtag
target="_blank"#RacistEU hashtag

How online groups coordinated to amplify the #RacistEU hashtag after the start of the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

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Burkina Faso
target="_blank"Burkina Faso: Russian support

Pro-Russian support increased in the Sahel, with residents of Burkina Faso holding Russian flags while celebrating recent coup.

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Ukraine Fallout: Case study of Kenya
target="_blank"Ukraine Fallout

This research piece looks at the coverage of the Russia-Ukraine war on Kenya’s social media space.

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TheOdingasExposed hashtag
target="_blank"TheOdingasExposed hashtag

How online groups coordinated to amplify the #TheOdingasExposed and #RejectRailaOdinga.

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The Madoadoa Rampage
target="_blank"The Madoadoa Rampage

An investigation into the virality of the term 'Madoadoa' and why its mention sparks social media rampage in Kenya.

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Detection of hatespeech in Kenya
target="_blank"Early detection of hate speech during the 2022 Kenyan elections

This synopus is intended to offer an overview of the techniques and tactics used to amplify narratives, spread disinformation, influence operation and, to propagate both hate speech and incitement in the 2022 Kenyan General Elections.

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