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Inauthentic Facebook pages sharing fake job opportunities .

inauthentic fb jobs

How inauthentic Facebook pages impersonating prominent companies lured Kenyan citizens with lucrative job opportunities.

An investigation by CfA’s iLAB has identified 32 inauthentic recruitment Facebook accounts, groups and pages targeting people in Kenya. Some were created as early as 2017; some as recently as 20 August 2020. They have titles like “Tuskys supermarket jobs” and “Quickmart supermarket jobs”.
The pages falsely claim to belong to well-known organizations and supermarkets, gas stations, and other companies known to recruit large numbers of people. They leverage the credibility of real brands to entrap people for nonexistent jobs that require payment of ‘registration fees’ and sharing of personally identifiable information that can further be used for malicious activities. Recently reported cases where such advertisements lure victims to interview sites where they are robbed at gunpoint accelerates the need of identifying the culprits behind such networks.

CfA-iLAB’s analysis suggests a degree of coordination among the Facebook pages, the affiliated Facebook accounts and the Facebook group. iLAB found dozens of Facebook pages linked to four key Facebook profiles that demonstrate several characteristics pointing to coordinated activity, including the near simultaneous publication of identical content and account administration.. The assets also demonstrated signs of inauthenticity, as they were created to impersonate large supermarket chains in Kenya.

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