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Social Network Analysis

The BBI report trends analysis .


How influential and prominent accounts amplified online conversations that were either supportive or critical of the BBI report

On 21 October 2021, President Kenyatta received the BBI report while at the Kisii State Lodge. Shortly after and for the days to follow, we observed a set of hashtags that began to trend each day, containing narratives that were either supportive or critical of the implementation of the BBI proposals. This included hashtags #BBIorNothing, #RejectBBI, #BBIPeoplesAgenda and #RIPBBI. We noted that the most popular tweets across the four hashtags were from prominent influencers or politicians. Notably, one of the accounts used to amplify the #BBIorNothing was impersonating a prominent politician and has since been suspended by Twitter. The investigation revealed a network of 533 accounts that participated in three out of the four hashtags under consideration (#BBIorNothing, #RejectBBI and #BBIPeoplesAgenda). These accounts generated 3,676 tweets representing ~8.5% of the total number of tweets. 12 of these accounts were created after September 2020, just a month to the date of the first observed hashtag. Further, majority of the posts under the hashtags #BBIorNothing, #RejectBBI and #RIPBBI were critical of the BBI report, while majority of the posts under the hashtag #BBIPeoplesAgenda were generally in support of the report.

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